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Berkshire Middle School 2006 Kentucky Cave Country Traveling Classroom



Attention Kentucky Traveling Classroom students!

Bring your pictures to Ms. Franklin in Rm 116 if you would like them added to the free picture CD to be shared with the entire group. I will accept pictures already burned onto CDs.


Contact webmaster Diane Franklin at df05bps@birmingham.k12.mi.us
The experience of studying, teaching, and traveling abroad is enriching and exciting! For some of us, this will be our first trip away from home. For others, it will be an additional traveling experience. In any case, we will all learn much and enjoy the experience! We will also face challenges as we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations and surroundings. Our greatest learning opportunities will come from those challenges! As students and faculty of Berkshire Middle School, we will be representatives of ourselves, our famalies, our school, the Birmingham Public Schools, and the State of Michigan. Our actions, thus, have implications beyond their impact on us as individuals. (Adapted from Hope College trip introduction, Spring 2002)


Suggested Readings
Cave Vocabulary
Student Artwork
Investigative Questions